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Why It Works

Chart Patterns– This powerful concept has been used by generation of traders with great results. At ChartPatternAnalytics, we applied latest advancements of Computer Science and AI to it, added simple and powerful Data Visualisation, multiplied by convenient signal delivery with sole purpose – to help you become an outstanding Chart Pattern trader. It works because:


Chart Patterns were first described in early 20th century and they have proved themselves time and again. Traders have used them successfully ever since.


We use advancements in mathematics, statistics, computer science and elements of artificial intelligence to discover and validate patterns.


We have invested thousands of hours to develop, test and improve our tools for seamless signal discovery and delivery right to you.


Powerful Idea + Modern Science + Latest Technology creates powerful combination allowing to produce precise analysis of Chart Patterns and give accurate signals.

Why ChartPatternAnalytics?

See the list of our advantages:



We have carried out thousands of hours of continuous Research and Development using advanced mathematics, logic and probabilities.


Time tested concept

Our patterns are precise, time tested and scrupulously verified by statistics and traders.



Our algorithms constantly learn and improve performance using machine learning techniques.


Simple and Clear

Our Pattern Alerts are simple and user friendly. All signal details are presented in table, chart and text.


Flexible Packages

Our packages are designed to match traders' needs. You can select one for the market you trade or purchase a bundle.


Signal Delivery

Pattern signals are delivered to customers via web-interface, email and mobile phone app for iOS, Android:
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See Under the Bonnet

Learn more about how the patterns are searched, selected, put under stress-test, and finally delivered to you.

See Sample Signals

See the Pattern Signals as they are seen by our customers.

See how we Analyse

Read our weekly analysis of past signals, what we got right and what we got wrong, how we build on former and learn from latter.

Markets we work with



Currently 42 Forex Symbols


US Futures

Currently 30 most popular US Futures Symbols


US Stocks

Full list of 500 S&P Stocks

We add symbols based on demand from our customers. If you want any particular symbol, please contact us.

What Our Customers Say

I am delighted with every aspect and have absolutely no hesitation in recommending to anyone seeking a future in this field
Daniel DureDE

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